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Mar 10, 2023|Games

Mato Anomalies is available now

Prime Matter and Arrowiz have teamed up to release the 3D Adventure RPG title “Mato Anomalies”. Mato Anomalies is now available on PlayStation® 4, PlayStation® 5, Xbox One, X Box Series X | S , Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam) – both physical and digital.

Throughout the game’s anime-inspired visual novel storyline, the player will be the role of Detective Doe, together with his companions, to discover many secrets while working to unravel the mysteries that the neo-noir city of Mato has to offer. Detective Doe must find a way to stop the dark forces that are plotting behind the scenes of this neon-filled backdrop.

In the city of Mato, the dark forces have secretly invaded every corner… underground sewage facilities, the local brewery, harbor warehouses and theater backrooms. Time and space distorting rifts now brew many deadly existences.

The investigation is only one part of the story; intense battles and fighting take place in tough dungeons where the player needs to learn to maximize all the advantages of the smart combat mechanics.

As the story progresses, players will gradually understand the truth of the world. They need to survive in the dark and chaotic realm, save the world and themselves on the verge of collapse.