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May 27, 2020|Games

Hermitage Strange Case Files Launching Today on Mobile Devices

This detective visual novel is formally released in iOS and Android stores.

Arrowiz is proud to announce that its detective visual novel Hermitage Strange Case Files is formally released today in iOS and Android stores.

Developed by Arrowiz and published by the renowned animation, comic and game operator Bilibili (NASDAQ: BILI), Hermitage Strange Case Files is a 2D investigation adventure game featuring Cthulhu mythos and exotic urban legends.

The game consists of several seemingly independent cases which later converge to an insane, citywide menace. As a vintage bookstore keeper and seasoned armchair detective, the player will meet distinct characters, sift leads from talks, news, forums and books, make logical deductions, relive creeping events, and unveil frantic truths.

Being well received by the Steam community with 83% positive ratings, the game is now even more enjoyable on mobile devices, as Arrowiz and Bilibili teams aim for the highest stability and smooth performance.

More information about Hermitage Strange Case Files can be found at