Jul 15, 2022

Concept Artist

Create concept work for various environments


Job Description

  • Environment Concept Artist
  1. Participate in the development of an original 3D J-RPG or a turn-based tactics game based on a well-known cyberpunk IP for three primary console and PC platforms.
  2. Work closely with the design team to confirm and create the visual scheme for environments.
  3. Create concept work for various environments and ensure timely and high-quality delivery.
  4. Participate in 2D/concept art work for other company projects.

Job Requirements

  1. Proficiency with Photoshop-like art software.
  2. Understanding and mastery of modern Chinese culture.
  3. Passion and ideas for the creation of near-future fiction works.
  4. Motivation for independent creation in a pragmatic manner.
  5. Knowledge of animation and comics; familiarity with classic Japanese science fiction animations from the 1990s.

Preferred Qualifications

  1. Experience in 2D art creation.
  2. Experience in console RPG development.
  3. Extensive experience playing console and PC games.

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