Jul 25, 2022

3D Animator

Create 3D renderings of character and monster skills. Create cutscene animation.


Job Description

  1. Participate in the development of an original 3D J-RPG or a turn-based tactics game based on a well-known cyberpunk IP for PC and three primary platforms.
  2. Create 3D renderings of character and monster skills.
  3. Create cutscene animation according to design requirements.
  4. Produce 3D animation for other projects of the company.

Job Requirements

  1. Proficiency with any art software, such as 3ds Max and Blender; good knowledge of game animation production.
  2. Ability to use animation files and self-check motion effects in Unity.
  3. Knowledge of Japanese anime and JRPGs; Sharp eye and implementation ideas for performing effects.
  4. Basic knowledge of Eastern and Western martial arts and weapons, and insight into their visual improvement and application.
  5. Knowledge of Unity's Timeline function, and expertise in creating cutscenes with Cinemachine in Unity.
  6. Expertise in creating storyboards and iterations.

Preferred Qualifications

  1. Experience in the production/editing of game videos or cutscene CG animation.
  2. Experienced PC/console gamer.
  3. Experience in the development of international projects.

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