About Us

Founded in 2016 by a group of game industry veterans and young talents, Arrowiz aims to build a leading studio focused on story-rich experiences.

About Us

Our History

Initially established to develop products for the VR market with Beats Fever, the team reimagined its focus towards story-driven video games, with its initial launch Hermitage Strange Case Files becoming the best-selling Chinese visual novel on Steam in 2019. Arrowiz aims to create innovative, original games and transform world-famous stories into wonderful experiences for global audiences.


Mato Anomalies global announcement.

New tactical title and VR title in prototyping.


Series A funding by Tencent.

Hermitage Strange Case Files releases on PlayStation, Xbox and Switch.


RPG title Mato Anomalies in prototyping.

8 licensed VR titles release on 5G cloud gaming for China Mobile and China Telecom.


Beats Fever global release on PlayStation VR.


Cairo's Tale: The Big Egg releases on Oculus and Steam.

Hermitage Strange Case Files release on Steam.


Beats Fever releases on Oculus and Steam.

Beats Fever Paper release on Gear VR. Hermitage Strange Case Files in production.


Arrowiz founded. First VR title Beats Fever in production.