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From originals to well renowned properties, we develop and publish games that tell the best stories at a fraction of the cost of big publishers.



Founded in 2016 by a group of game industry veterans and young talents, Arrowiz aim to create and publish truly enjoyable games that excite most players, explore new media, and build a leading studio.

We have been operating and developing multiple products across all major platforms including PC, console, mobile and VR/AR devices.



Hermitage Strange Case Files

In this detective visual novel, a vintage bookshop owner becomes enthralled in finding clues to unveil the truths behind the madness plaguing the city...
Platforms: Steam, iOS, Android


Cairo's Tale: The Big Egg

A VR animated film about a young mage, his best friend, and a magical egg. Join them in this epic adventure.

Platforms: Steam, Oculus

Beats Fever

Beats Fever

Your world stages!
A drum’n’dance arcade experience in VR with energetic music, astonishing body moves, and endless fun!
Platforms: Steam, Oculus, PlayStation VR

Beats Fever Paper

Beats Fever Paper

A free-to-play mobile VR rhythm game set in a unique papercraft world, where players enjoy groovy songs and move to the beat of the sound.
Platforms: Oculus Go, Gear VR, HTC Vive Focus


  1. Beats Fever to Launch in Japan with SUNSOFT Project Indie 
    9 Aug 2019 – SUNCORPORATION (JASDAQ: 6736) SUNSOFT Project Indie has localized the VR rhythm action game "BEATS FEVER VR Rhythm Stage" for Japan, and will be releasing the game on 19 August, 2019 for PlayStation®VR. Read more
  2. Hermitage Strange Case Files Launching Today on Steam
    13 Nov 2018 – Arrowiz is proud to announce that its detective visual novel Hermitage Strange Case Files™ is formally released today in Steam® store. This is a 2D investigation adventure game featuring Cthulhu mythos and exotic urban legends. Read more
  3. VR Animated Short "Cairo's Tale: The Big Egg" to Release in May
    3 May 2018 – Cairo's Tale®: The Big Egg, a narrative VR animated short, directed by Shi Yuan and produced by Ring Mountain, will have its world premiere this May through major VR systems including Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Read more


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